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Could it be? Tea is healthier than water!

The other day I stumbled across an article on BBC that shows thatr tea is healthier than water. Apparently the rumors that tea is dehydrating aren’t true and the antioxidants in tea are what make it better for you. I have always loved drinking tea but worried about drinking too much because I had heard it was dehydrating. Now I am pleased that I can drink as much tea as I want and be healthier for it!

My favorite type of tea is Jasmine Tea, either cold or hot. I also have my favorite cup for tea. It’s vintage and I think it’s so cute!

Do you have your favorite cup to drink tea/coffee out of?


KFC starts serving “Unchicken” in Canada

It seems PETA has finally wore down KFC – at least in Canada. They have now agreed to serve “unchicken” in their restaurants. Unchicken is a type of mock meat and is popular for vegetarians and vegans alike. KFC has also agreed to use gassing as their form of slaughter, which PETA feels is the most humane form of slaughter developed. But still it is only in effect in Canada. When will the US KFC agree to these new practices? Only time will tell.

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Molecule in Meat Causes Health Problems in Humans

I just read an interesting article that somewhat coincides with the TED talk I posted yesterday. It explains how there’s a molecule in animals that, when ingested, can cause problems such as arthritis, cancer, and heart disease, among others.

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