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Bento 36

I started feeling better last night, so this bento turned out pretty neat. Last night we had corn on the cob and mashed potatoes with gravy for dinner, among other things. So for this bento, I started out by cutting the corn off of a half a cob and mixing it with the mashed potatoes. Then I spread the potatoes in the large part of my bento and filled the heart container with gravy. I got some new soy dogs so I fried one of those up and added it in there.
After that I made a little salad with alfalfa sprouts, carrots, cherry tomatoes, onion, celery, green onion, and zucchini (the star shapes). I filled a little pig container with some vegan salad dressing and added it in. Then I sliced some strawberries and kiwi and filled the last little container.



Bento 31- Pierogi Lunch

Because my bento yesterday was a little light, I was in the mood for something heavier, something more “homestyle”. When my Mom made steamed greens, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner, it left me with great leftovers for my bento. I added the greens and corn to my bento, but instead of the mashed potatoes I made some potato pierogis that needed to be eaten and some gravy. Then for a sweet snack I put some soy yogurt and mixed nuts/dried fruit.


Now I can’t wait till lunch comes along so I can eat!

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Bento 27

I made this bento a couple days ago, but I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t gotten a chance to post it yet. I had some vegan mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and greenbeans leftover from dinner, so this bento was a breeze to put together. I had some edamame in pods that I didn’t eat from the bento the day before too and didn’t want to trow them away, so I popped the beans out out the shell on top of my mac and cheese. Then I cup the corn off the cob and added that along with the green beans to my bento. All I had to do after that was cut up some strawberries and I was done.

Although this bento was ludicrously easy to make, it was also ludicrously yummy!

Bento #15

Here’s the bento I made last night for my lunch today. I used some leftovers from dinner and then made a fruit salad to accompany it. I added some furikake that I found that is vegan on the noodles and put some baby lima beans and cut some corn off the cob from dinner. For the fruit salad, I used some fresh strawberries and cantaloupe and put some dried fruit and raw almonds in a baking cup. Raw almonds are so good, when I went to the store the other day I had to get some to go with the dried fruit.


It looks really good and I can’t wait for lunch to come to eat it!

Bento #9

I know I’ve been kind of lazy about the bentos lately, but I’m going to get back on track soon! Here’s the bento I made for work today. On the right there’s brown rice and corn on the cob, on the left there’s a fortune cookie, cherries, and some spiced potatoes.


Bento #8

Today’s bento is more “homestyle” than the one from yesterday. I made it this morning w/ leftovers from last night’s dinner a couple other little extras. I went ahead and added another little container with salad for today because I got hungry yesterday afternoon after I had eaten my bento.


There’s corn, peaches, banana on the left; vegan mac and cheese and a fortune cookie on the right. And of course salad on the bottom. It has spinach, tomato, baby carrots, vegan ranch dressing and a couple crackers.