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Bento 31- go green

This bento is inspired by green foods. I thought it would be interesting to focus on one color with a few other colors as asides. I started out by adding a few leftover veggie sushi rolls with some wasabi and soy sauce. Then I sliced up a pear and added some edamame pods. I had a few spaces left so I added some baby carrots for an extra snack, although they aren’t green! I guess I should have put something else, but I got a huge bag of the baby carrots so I felt it would be best to eat them up.

Bento 27

I made this bento a couple days ago, but I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t gotten a chance to post it yet. I had some vegan mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and greenbeans leftover from dinner, so this bento was a breeze to put together. I had some edamame in pods that I didn’t eat from the bento the day before too and didn’t want to trow them away, so I popped the beans out out the shell on top of my mac and cheese. Then I cup the corn off the cob and added that along with the green beans to my bento. All I had to do after that was cut up some strawberries and I was done.

Although this bento was ludicrously easy to make, it was also ludicrously yummy!

Bento 26- Spaghetti Nests

Last night for dinner, we had some spaghetti with garlic bread. Since I haven’t had spaghetti in a while, I thought it would be nice for my lunch too. After thinking about which bento box would be best, I choose my “authentic” style bento and fashioned the noodles and sauce into little nests. For the 2nd tier in the box, I cooked the rest of my edamame and sprinkled some Mrs. Dash on it. Then put some sliced strawberries, nectarine, and some almonds w/ dried cherries.


Bento #21 Mock Shrimp Sashimi

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods looking through the frozen vegetarian section and I found some vegan shrimp. I immediately thought of shrimp sashimi for my bentos and I had to get them. I still haven’t tried the canned mock meats that I got, but since these were frozen I figured they’d be easier to try out without having to make a whole meal. I also got a big tub of vegan yogurt and some soy nuts.
So last night I set out to make a great bento for lunch today. First I had to make the rice for sushi. Since I was at my parents house I didn’t have my usual rice maker, so it was difficult to make a small batch of rice, but finally I got it done. Then I used a new toy that I hadn’t got to try out yet – a sashimi rice mold. Here’s a picture of my sashimi molds and rice mold.

It had some funny engrish writing on it that I find amusing.
Although the rice was a little juicy, the mold worked well and I was actually able to get some of the excess water out with it. I let the mold set for a few minutes and boiled up some water and threw in some edamame, the vegan shrimp, and three kimchi potstickers. Once that was done I popped the rice out of the molds and was so happy they turned out well. I added some furrake and sesame seeds on top. After the shrimp cooled I made little sashimi with it. They look so cute! I like how the shrimp have little lines of color on them like real shrimp. Jason got me some little fish containers so I filled one with soy sauce and one with the sweet sauce that came with the shrimp.
After that I mixed up some dried fruit, almonds, and soy nuts together and put that some yogurt in cupcake cups and arranged everything. I added some home grown tomatoes for good measure with the edamame. I think this bento turned out really well, now I just have to wait for lunch to try it out.


Bento #20

Wow my bentos are adding up fast. I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep up making the bentos, sometimes I get into things and it’s hard to keep it up. But making the bentos has been very fun so far and I think I’m getting better and better at putting them together.


This bento has noodles, edamame, home grown tomatoes, pinto beans w/ a slice tomato on top, a half grapefruit with basil and almonds.

Bento #19

I have a long day at work today, so I made myself a pretty big bento for lunch. I made it in the theme of the sea, with octopus smart dogs and a little apple fishy. Sadly the fish is hard to make out in the picture.


It has vegan mac & cheese with peas, raw spinach, 2 mini octodogs, green apple, and some almonds. This morning I remembered I still have some edamame in the freezer, so I cooked some of that up and added it with the spinach for an extra snack (so it’s not pictured).

I have already eaten most of this bento and it was really good. I’m really liking my new Lock & Lock bento too because it’s easy to take part of it out to heat up with is very convenient.

Bento #14

I made this bento for my lunch on Monday, but I’ve been busy and haven’t got to post it until now. I have a bento made already for tomorrow, but I shall post that in the morning.

For this I found some old onion and potato pierogies in the freezer that needed to be eaten. So I boiled some water and threw 4 in and some edamame. I really like snacking on the edamame, I was crazy for never buying some before. While the pierogies and edamame were cooking, I cut up a carrot and some apple and put some hummus and ketchup in the bento.


I didn’t warm this bento up when I ate it for lunch. The pierogies were okay cold, but they would have been better re-warmed. Everything else was great room temperature though.