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Bento 51

Grapes, homemade horseradish potato salad, a mock chorizo sausage with Franks Insanity BBQ Sauce, beer steamed onion, and a black plum.

Bento #12

Since I’ve been kind of lazy lately when it comes to making my bentos, I decided to make some onigiri for lunch today and freeze the extra for future bento lunches. First here’s the onigiri that I made.
I made all the rice balls by hand except the cone, star and heart shaped ones. I used a plastic bag, cookie cutter, and cupcake baking cup respectively.

Here’s the bento I made for lunch today.


There’s leftover roasted sweet potato, a couple small peaches, rice candy, and asian cucumber salad, onigiri a plum and soy sauce packets. I just had it all and it was very yummy!

Bento #11

I had some leftovers from lunch the other day at work, so I decided to use my smaller bento and pack it with snacks. I made it in a hurry this morning so it’s not a cute as it could have been, but hey it tastes just as good!

There’s a plum (cut in half), sliced granny smith apple, a rice candy on the left and some roasted veggies from dinner on the right.