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First trip to Austin’s Farmers Market

On Saturday my man and I went to Austin’s Farmers Market downtown.  It was our first time there because we usually sleep too late on the weekends! But we got up early and headed down there. There’s food stands, plants, bands, and of course fresh fruit and vegetables. When we first got there we got some food. He got duck egg and chorizo and I got tofu curry. Then we wandered around a bit. We ended up getting some carrots, broccoli, radishes and a strawberry plant.

Today I cut up some of the veggies and made a ranch dip to eat them with. The carrots and broccoli were great, but the radishes were a bit dried out.

The ranch dip I made was super easy, yummy and of course vegan! You can easily make more or less depending on how much you need too.

1/2 cup Veganise
1 tsp lemon (or lime)juice
about 1 tsp Italian seasoning (I use the grinder style)
1/2 tsp dried basil
optional: soymilk

Mix all the ingredients together. If you want more of a salad dressing instead of dip add soymilk until you get the desired consistency.

Here’s our strawberry plant right after we replanted it into a larger container. As you can see it already has strawberries on it!


Bento #23 – Cute Snack Bento

Today I just needed a snack bento for lunch, so I decided it would be great time to use my cute cupcake themed bento box. Because I normally need to pack larger lunches, I have rarely used this small box.

I bought some canned mock abalone and felt it was finally time to try it out. I stir fried a few of them with some cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, onion, and green onion and added some spicy teriyaki sauce and they turned out really good. I’ll do a full review later, but here’s the bento.hellokitty
On the left there’s the stir fry and on the right there’s baby carrots, tomatoes, a small fig, soy yogurt, and a cute little hello kitty container with raw pumpkin seeds, almonds, and soy nuts.


Here’s the picture of the hello kitty container. Jason got 2 of them for me for my birthday and this was the first time I was able to use it. I think it’s so cute!

I also entered this bento in a competition, click here to check it out.

Bento #14

I made this bento for my lunch on Monday, but I’ve been busy and haven’t got to post it until now. I have a bento made already for tomorrow, but I shall post that in the morning.

For this I found some old onion and potato pierogies in the freezer that needed to be eaten. So I boiled some water and threw 4 in and some edamame. I really like snacking on the edamame, I was crazy for never buying some before. While the pierogies and edamame were cooking, I cut up a carrot and some apple and put some hummus and ketchup in the bento.


I didn’t warm this bento up when I ate it for lunch. The pierogies were okay cold, but they would have been better re-warmed. Everything else was great room temperature though.