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Bento 35- Sick Day Bento

I recently caught a cold and wasn’t feeling too well last night when I needed to make the bento for today. So this bento is really simple, but I think it still looks nice.

It has leftover vegan mac & cheese and forbidden rice, baby carrots, and sliced apple.

Bento 29 – Mock Shrimp Stirfry

For this bento, I decided to use the mock shrimp I bought in a little different way. I cut up some cabbage, onion, garlic, green onion, and mushrooms and stir fried it with the shrimp. I also added a little kimchi for extra flavor and spiciness. For the sauce I used a sweet asian sauce that I made to accompany some summer rolls I made for dinner.
I also sliced up some cucumber from my Mom’s garden and made an asian cucumber salad with that. Then all I had to do was slice up some strawberry and apple and this bento was ready.


Bento 28

Today Jason and I went to my favorite Japanese Market and we got all kinds of goodies. We had a simple asian dinner with boiled edamame pods, miso soup with nori, brown rice to go into the soup, and kimchi. It was really good but I was still in the mood for asian food. So I came up with these bentos for Jason and I tomorrow. Unfortunately we won’t be able to have lunch together tomorrow, but at least we’ll both have similar meals! I made some carrot and avocado sushi and put a little container of soy sauce for Jason. I filled up a container for myself, plus filled a little hello kitty bowl with pickled ginger and wasabi. Then I added some kimchi to his,and apple pieces and mixed nuts to both. Because my bento box has so much space it took me a while to fill up all the spaces. Our kitchen is a little bare, so it was hard coming up with things that would go together but I think it works out well.

First the man’s
And mine. I added some snack peas, star shaped peanut butter with sugar free jelly, and edamame.

Bento #25- Sneaky Tomato

Last night when I was making this bento, I thought some of the little homegrown tomatoes we had looked kind of like faces. So I made one into a cute little face.
This bento also has some leftovers from dinner, the au gratin potatoes, brussel sprouts, and avocado. I found out that brussel sprouts are really good with avocado. Try it out sometime! I also added a little hot sauce to the avocado to add some extra flavor for dipping the vegetables in.
I also added some green apple, strawberries, mixed nuts/dried fruit, and baby carrots and tomatoes.


I entered this into a competition also. Click here to check it out.

Bento #19

I have a long day at work today, so I made myself a pretty big bento for lunch. I made it in the theme of the sea, with octopus smart dogs and a little apple fishy. Sadly the fish is hard to make out in the picture.


It has vegan mac & cheese with peas, raw spinach, 2 mini octodogs, green apple, and some almonds. This morning I remembered I still have some edamame in the freezer, so I cooked some of that up and added it with the spinach for an extra snack (so it’s not pictured).

I have already eaten most of this bento and it was really good. I’m really liking my new Lock & Lock bento too because it’s easy to take part of it out to heat up with is very convenient.

Bento #16

I used leftovers again for this bento. We had leftover vegan mac n cheese and asparagus so I added that in. I cut up some apple and put some raw almonds and dried fruit in there to accompany it. After I put everything in I realized it probably would have worked out better if I put the mac and cheese and the asparagus together and the apple with  the almonds/fruit, but I didn’t want too much asparagus so I guess it worked out fine.


Bento #14

I made this bento for my lunch on Monday, but I’ve been busy and haven’t got to post it until now. I have a bento made already for tomorrow, but I shall post that in the morning.

For this I found some old onion and potato pierogies in the freezer that needed to be eaten. So I boiled some water and threw 4 in and some edamame. I really like snacking on the edamame, I was crazy for never buying some before. While the pierogies and edamame were cooking, I cut up a carrot and some apple and put some hummus and ketchup in the bento.


I didn’t warm this bento up when I ate it for lunch. The pierogies were okay cold, but they would have been better re-warmed. Everything else was great room temperature though.