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Onigiri and Miso Soup

Today for lunch I decided to use my onigiri shaper to make some onigiri (rice balls) to go with some leftover miso soup. It was my first time using it and it worked really well! Just fill it full of rice, press down on the lid, then pop out.


The meal turned out to be simple, yummy, and filling!


Since I made plain onigiri I ate it with a little wasabi and soy sauce.

Bento #12

Since I’ve been kind of lazy lately when it comes to making my bentos, I decided to make some onigiri for lunch today and freeze the extra for future bento lunches. First here’s the onigiri that I made.
I made all the rice balls by hand except the cone, star and heart shaped ones. I used a plastic bag, cookie cutter, and cupcake baking cup respectively.

Here’s the bento I made for lunch today.


There’s leftover roasted sweet potato, a couple small peaches, rice candy, and asian cucumber salad, onigiri a plum and soy sauce packets. I just had it all and it was very yummy!

Bento #6

Last night I made bentos for my boyfriend and me. The other day I found a cool tutorial on how to make onigiri with cookie cutters, and since I don’t have any rice molds, I decided to try it out. I have a star shaped cookie cutter that I had never used before and figured it would work well. It did! Here’s a picture of all the onigiri I made last night. The one w/ some pink on it has a jelly filling, and the rest just have sesame seeds and nori on them. I think the little faces turned out cute. I wanted to make more but my boyfriend didn’t want his coworkers looking at him weird. My boyfriend forgets to shave sometimes, so I even made a little “afternoon shadow” on one of them! (Its the top left one)


Here’s a picture of the bento I made for my boyfriend. I had an avocado leftover from when I made sushi the other day and thought it would go well with the onigiri. I also added a fortune cookie, some rice candy, and some nori maki and a soy packet. He just got done eating it and said it was pretty yummy. He normally has asian noodle cups, so this was a nice change.


Mine is a little larger because I didn’t get to have breakfast today. It has onigiri, avocado, peanuts, nori maki, rice candy, and a soy sauce packed in the left layer. On the right there’s more onigiri, a mushroom w/ the stem placed into the cap (to be eaten w/ the onigiri), the jelly onigiri, grapes, and a fortune cookie.