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Bento 39 – Easy Snack

For lunch at work, we’re having vegetable fajitas. So I made a little snack bento for the evening (I have long shifts). I threw in some mixed dried fruit and nuts, baby carrots, and some leftover noodles from last night’s dinner. Then I added a piece of rice candy for a little sweetness.

Bento #16

I used leftovers again for this bento. We had leftover vegan mac n cheese and asparagus so I added that in. I cut up some apple and put some raw almonds and dried fruit in there to accompany it. After I put everything in I realized it probably would have worked out better if I put the mac and cheese and the asparagus together and the apple with  the almonds/fruit, but I didn’t want too much asparagus so I guess it worked out fine.


Bento #15

Here’s the bento I made last night for my lunch today. I used some leftovers from dinner and then made a fruit salad to accompany it. I added some furikake that I found that is vegan on the noodles and put some baby lima beans and cut some corn off the cob from dinner. For the fruit salad, I used some fresh strawberries and cantaloupe and put some dried fruit and raw almonds in a baking cup. Raw almonds are so good, when I went to the store the other day I had to get some to go with the dried fruit.


It looks really good and I can’t wait for lunch to come to eat it!