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Green Smoothie with Banana and Strawberries

Spinach, frozen banana, frozen strawberries and water!

Bento 50

Wow my 50th bento post!

Sliced strawberries and cantaloupe, and quinoa with grilled vegetables and fresh basil.

Berry Salad

At work we have the most beautiful berries. I had to buy some and this is a little berry salad that I had for breakfast. It was very delicious! I wish berries were always in season.


I love this time of year because it’s easy to find beautiful strawberries. Check out these that I got from Natural Grocers a couple days ago.

Don’t they look fake they’re so perfect?!?!

Bento 27

I made this bento a couple days ago, but I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t gotten a chance to post it yet. I had some vegan mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and greenbeans leftover from dinner, so this bento was a breeze to put together. I had some edamame in pods that I didn’t eat from the bento the day before too and didn’t want to trow them away, so I popped the beans out out the shell on top of my mac and cheese. Then I cup the corn off the cob and added that along with the green beans to my bento. All I had to do after that was cut up some strawberries and I was done.

Although this bento was ludicrously easy to make, it was also ludicrously yummy!

Bento 26- Spaghetti Nests

Last night for dinner, we had some spaghetti with garlic bread. Since I haven’t had spaghetti in a while, I thought it would be nice for my lunch too. After thinking about which bento box would be best, I choose my “authentic” style bento and fashioned the noodles and sauce into little nests. For the 2nd tier in the box, I cooked the rest of my edamame and sprinkled some Mrs. Dash on it. Then put some sliced strawberries, nectarine, and some almonds w/ dried cherries.


Bento #25- Sneaky Tomato

Last night when I was making this bento, I thought some of the little homegrown tomatoes we had looked kind of like faces. So I made one into a cute little face.
This bento also has some leftovers from dinner, the au gratin potatoes, brussel sprouts, and avocado. I found out that brussel sprouts are really good with avocado. Try it out sometime! I also added a little hot sauce to the avocado to add some extra flavor for dipping the vegetables in.
I also added some green apple, strawberries, mixed nuts/dried fruit, and baby carrots and tomatoes.


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