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Bento 47

This was a simple sushi bento. On the left we have some avocado sushi and on the right there’s grilled sweet potato sushi with avocado. Yum!


Mock Fish Sushi Rolls and more!

A few days ago I went to a huge asian grocery store and found a large area of frozen veggie meats, including fish! I have always enjoyed fish, but after becoming vegan it’s been hard finding substitutes. I got some tuna and ribbon fish there and it’s pretty good.
I’ve been in the hankering for sushi so I thought it’d be neat to try to make more “realistic” sushi by cooking the mock fish, then cooling it and adding it to sushi. Overall I think it turned out great!

There’s the mock tuna roll, ribbon fish (I rolled it inside out) roll, carrot sweet potato and ribbon fish roll, and carrot and sweet potato roll. They all turned out great and I think I finally mastered making sushi rice! We also had some seaweed salad that I got premade at the asian market. I love seaweed salad! I could eat it everyday.

Bento 31- go green

This bento is inspired by green foods. I thought it would be interesting to focus on one color with a few other colors as asides. I started out by adding a few leftover veggie sushi rolls with some wasabi and soy sauce. Then I sliced up a pear and added some edamame pods. I had a few spaces left so I added some baby carrots for an extra snack, although they aren’t green! I guess I should have put something else, but I got a huge bag of the baby carrots so I felt it would be best to eat them up.

Bento 28

Today Jason and I went to my favorite Japanese Market and we got all kinds of goodies. We had a simple asian dinner with boiled edamame pods, miso soup with nori, brown rice to go into the soup, and kimchi. It was really good but I was still in the mood for asian food. So I came up with these bentos for Jason and I tomorrow. Unfortunately we won’t be able to have lunch together tomorrow, but at least we’ll both have similar meals! I made some carrot and avocado sushi and put a little container of soy sauce for Jason. I filled up a container for myself, plus filled a little hello kitty bowl with pickled ginger and wasabi. Then I added some kimchi to his,and apple pieces and mixed nuts to both. Because my bento box has so much space it took me a while to fill up all the spaces. Our kitchen is a little bare, so it was hard coming up with things that would go together but I think it works out well.

First the man’s
And mine. I added some snack peas, star shaped peanut butter with sugar free jelly, and edamame.

Bento #2

I made this bento last night with some of the sushi leftovers from dinner. I had work today so I had to make one, since I actually needed it this time!
I just got finished eating everything and it was yummy. It was a nice little meal that turned out to be pretty filling. It’s amazing how little the bento boxes are, but how much food you can fit into them.


Left: veggie sushi, wasabi (in the little container), nori maki, and soy crisps.
Right: baby carrots and mango, a soy sauce packet, and a fortune cookie (it’s kind of hidden).

Vegetable Sushi Dinner Extravaganza

Last night I made a bunch of veggie sushi for Jason and I. It included asparagus, carrot, avocado, and yellow bell pepper made into different kinds of rolls. I tried out making spiral rolls, regular rolls, and inside out rolls. Out of the three I would say the inside out rolls gave me the biggest problems because the rice was so sticky! I also made some tofu sashimi which turned out pretty good. I soaked the tofu in some soy sauce before I made it to add a little extra flavor.

Sushi Dinner

Overall I think the meal was pretty successful. I tried to focus on presentation more and even made little carrot flowers to make the sushi even cuter.