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First trip to Austin’s Farmers Market

On Saturday my man and I went to Austin’s Farmers Market downtown.  It was our first time there because we usually sleep too late on the weekends! But we got up early and headed down there. There’s food stands, plants, bands, and of course fresh fruit and vegetables. When we first got there we got some food. He got duck egg and chorizo and I got tofu curry. Then we wandered around a bit. We ended up getting some carrots, broccoli, radishes and a strawberry plant.

Today I cut up some of the veggies and made a ranch dip to eat them with. The carrots and broccoli were great, but the radishes were a bit dried out.

The ranch dip I made was super easy, yummy and of course vegan! You can easily make more or less depending on how much you need too.

1/2 cup Veganise
1 tsp lemon (or lime)juice
about 1 tsp Italian seasoning (I use the grinder style)
1/2 tsp dried basil
optional: soymilk

Mix all the ingredients together. If you want more of a salad dressing instead of dip add soymilk until you get the desired consistency.

Here’s our strawberry plant right after we replanted it into a larger container. As you can see it already has strawberries on it!

Bento 36

I started feeling better last night, so this bento turned out pretty neat. Last night we had corn on the cob and mashed potatoes with gravy for dinner, among other things. So for this bento, I started out by cutting the corn off of a half a cob and mixing it with the mashed potatoes. Then I spread the potatoes in the large part of my bento and filled the heart container with gravy. I got some new soy dogs so I fried one of those up and added it in there.
After that I made a little salad with alfalfa sprouts, carrots, cherry tomatoes, onion, celery, green onion, and zucchini (the star shapes). I filled a little pig container with some vegan salad dressing and added it in. Then I sliced some strawberries and kiwi and filled the last little container.


Bento 29 – Mock Shrimp Stirfry

For this bento, I decided to use the mock shrimp I bought in a little different way. I cut up some cabbage, onion, garlic, green onion, and mushrooms and stir fried it with the shrimp. I also added a little kimchi for extra flavor and spiciness. For the sauce I used a sweet asian sauce that I made to accompany some summer rolls I made for dinner.
I also sliced up some cucumber from my Mom’s garden and made an asian cucumber salad with that. Then all I had to do was slice up some strawberry and apple and this bento was ready.