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Bento 54

bento 54ps

This bento uses a lot of the vegetables from the CSA box I picked up. Baba ganoush made with the eggplant, spicy sweet potato greens, and grilled okra. Plus grapes, some salad with Cesar dressing, and celery to dip in the baba ganoush.

Bento 53

I’ve been really into salads lately. I found out that romaine lettuce is the best!

Salad: Romaine lettuce, carrot, red onion, cucumber. Spicy green bean pieces and Cesar dressing, finished off with a plum. I’ve had the spicy green beans forever and I don’t know why I never tried them in salad before, they really add a nice bite to an otherwise plain salad.

Bento 52

Grapes, celery and homemade baba ganoush! This was a great snack bento.

Bento 51

Grapes, homemade horseradish potato salad, a mock chorizo sausage with Franks Insanity BBQ Sauce, beer steamed onion, and a black plum.

Bento 50

Wow my 50th bento post!

Sliced strawberries and cantaloupe, and quinoa with grilled vegetables and fresh basil.

Bento 49

I made the “sushi” in this bento by getting romaine lettuce leaves, adding some hummus, radishes, zucchini, and tomato and wrapping it up. The cherry tomatoes were from the farmers market and they were really good too!

Bento 48

Chickpea salad with avocado and a babybel cheese. I had the chickpea salad and avocado on whole grain crackers.