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Pickling and Canning

I recently did some pickling and canning – my first time. I had a friend over one day and we did some diced tomatoes and some marinara sauce. Then I did some pickled jalapenos and banana peppers, and some dill pickles. The next day my husband helped me make a few jars of salsa.

We’ve tried the salsa and it’s good. There are a few weeks left to know for sure about the pickling though.

Although the canning wasn’t super frugal, it was fun and it’ll be nice to always have some salsa on hand!


Yummy Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It’s a whole type of foods that people don’t normally have any other time and there’s so much to choose from.

poached eggs, yogurt and orange juice

This is a simple breakfast I made yesterday. It has poached eggs (which are my favorite) and I got them from my parents who have many very happy chickens, sliced homegrown tomato, vanilla soy yogurt with sliced banana and orange juice.

Bento #23 – Cute Snack Bento

Today I just needed a snack bento for lunch, so I decided it would be great time to use my cute cupcake themed bento box. Because I normally need to pack larger lunches, I have rarely used this small box.

I bought some canned mock abalone and felt it was finally time to try it out. I stir fried a few of them with some cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, onion, and green onion and added some spicy teriyaki sauce and they turned out really good. I’ll do a full review later, but here’s the bento.hellokitty
On the left there’s the stir fry and on the right there’s baby carrots, tomatoes, a small fig, soy yogurt, and a cute little hello kitty container with raw pumpkin seeds, almonds, and soy nuts.


Here’s the picture of the hello kitty container. Jason got 2 of them for me for my birthday and this was the first time I was able to use it. I think it’s so cute!

I also entered this bento in a competition, click here to check it out.

Bento #21 Mock Shrimp Sashimi

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods looking through the frozen vegetarian section and I found some vegan shrimp. I immediately thought of shrimp sashimi for my bentos and I had to get them. I still haven’t tried the canned mock meats that I got, but since these were frozen I figured they’d be easier to try out without having to make a whole meal. I also got a big tub of vegan yogurt and some soy nuts.
So last night I set out to make a great bento for lunch today. First I had to make the rice for sushi. Since I was at my parents house I didn’t have my usual rice maker, so it was difficult to make a small batch of rice, but finally I got it done. Then I used a new toy that I hadn’t got to try out yet – a sashimi rice mold. Here’s a picture of my sashimi molds and rice mold.

It had some funny engrish writing on it that I find amusing.
Although the rice was a little juicy, the mold worked well and I was actually able to get some of the excess water out with it. I let the mold set for a few minutes and boiled up some water and threw in some edamame, the vegan shrimp, and three kimchi potstickers. Once that was done I popped the rice out of the molds and was so happy they turned out well. I added some furrake and sesame seeds on top. After the shrimp cooled I made little sashimi with it. They look so cute! I like how the shrimp have little lines of color on them like real shrimp. Jason got me some little fish containers so I filled one with soy sauce and one with the sweet sauce that came with the shrimp.
After that I mixed up some dried fruit, almonds, and soy nuts together and put that some yogurt in cupcake cups and arranged everything. I added some home grown tomatoes for good measure with the edamame. I think this bento turned out really well, now I just have to wait for lunch to try it out.


Bento #20

Wow my bentos are adding up fast. I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep up making the bentos, sometimes I get into things and it’s hard to keep it up. But making the bentos has been very fun so far and I think I’m getting better and better at putting them together.


This bento has noodles, edamame, home grown tomatoes, pinto beans w/ a slice tomato on top, a half grapefruit with basil and almonds.