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Bento 47

This was a simple sushi bento. On the left we have some avocado sushi and on the right there’s grilled sweet potato sushi with avocado. Yum!


Bento 38 – Forest of Fruit

I had some extra time to make my bento last night, so I tried to make something pretty but still filling for lunch today. I had some leftover vegan al gratin potatoes, so that was an easy one to add in there. I added a fresh basil leaf to the top for extra flavor. I also had some steamed broccoli that I arranged in my bento. I tried to make it look like a forest. I know, that’s not too hard to do with broccoli!
After that I sliced up a banana and apple and arranged them in the larger part of the bento. All I had was a little space to fill, and it donned on me, I had a half an avocado in the fridge that needed to be eaten, so I put some salt and pepper on it and placed it in there. Overall I think this bento was a success, now I just have to eat it and make sure!

Bento 31- go green

This bento is inspired by green foods. I thought it would be interesting to focus on one color with a few other colors as asides. I started out by adding a few leftover veggie sushi rolls with some wasabi and soy sauce. Then I sliced up a pear and added some edamame pods. I had a few spaces left so I added some baby carrots for an extra snack, although they aren’t green! I guess I should have put something else, but I got a huge bag of the baby carrots so I felt it would be best to eat them up.

Bento #18

Yesterday Jason and I went to an oriental market that we had never been to before. It was large and I found lots of interesting things there and even got a few! I got some loose jasmine tea (my favorite), kimchi pot stickers, all sorts of canned mock meats (I thought they’d be interesting to try), and a Lock & Lock bento box. I even talked my boyfriend into getting one so I could make bentos for him and he wouldn’t have to worry about using one of my cutesy ones. So of course I had to them to make us bentos for lunch today.
So here they are! Jason found a ginger drink he wanted to try so I added that to the picture. Sadly is has honey so it’s not vegan, but it looks cool anyways.

I made matching bentos for us, they both had brown rice with furikake, kimchi potstickers, black beans, and avocado. I just got finished with mine and it was very good. The Lock & Lock boxes are much larger than I’m used to though, so I couldn’t finish everything like usual. It was nice being able to heat my food in the microwave though, my other two boxes aren’t microwave safe.

And here’s a closeup of the ginger inside the bottle.
ginger drink

Bento #10

I made this bento last night so I was actually able to put some time in it. Still it only took about 10 minutes to get this together since a lot of it was leftovers from dinner.


On the left we’ve got: hakima, apple, rice candy, sweet pickles, olives, and vegan ranch dressing.
On the left theres: grilled vegetables, refried beans, and mashed avocado.

It looks so yummy I can’t wait for lunch!

Bento #6

Last night I made bentos for my boyfriend and me. The other day I found a cool tutorial on how to make onigiri with cookie cutters, and since I don’t have any rice molds, I decided to try it out. I have a star shaped cookie cutter that I had never used before and figured it would work well. It did! Here’s a picture of all the onigiri I made last night. The one w/ some pink on it has a jelly filling, and the rest just have sesame seeds and nori on them. I think the little faces turned out cute. I wanted to make more but my boyfriend didn’t want his coworkers looking at him weird. My boyfriend forgets to shave sometimes, so I even made a little “afternoon shadow” on one of them! (Its the top left one)


Here’s a picture of the bento I made for my boyfriend. I had an avocado leftover from when I made sushi the other day and thought it would go well with the onigiri. I also added a fortune cookie, some rice candy, and some nori maki and a soy packet. He just got done eating it and said it was pretty yummy. He normally has asian noodle cups, so this was a nice change.


Mine is a little larger because I didn’t get to have breakfast today. It has onigiri, avocado, peanuts, nori maki, rice candy, and a soy sauce packed in the left layer. On the right there’s more onigiri, a mushroom w/ the stem placed into the cap (to be eaten w/ the onigiri), the jelly onigiri, grapes, and a fortune cookie.