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Bento #7

I’ve been really busy the last few days and my lunch has been provided, hence me slacking with the bentos. But I’m back at it today! I made this bento this morning and it only took about 10 minutes total putting it together. I used a piece of cloth that I hand dyed for my psychology of clothing class last semester.  It’s a cool technique where you rubber band marbles in the cloth and dye it. I put it in blue then red dye to make it that color. I still need to finish the edges, but I thought it would work well for today. Now onto the bento!

bento 7

On the left there’s some cut up celery, baby carrots, cherries, a fortune cookie and a few peaches from our tree. For some reason the peaches were really small this year, but they fit perfectly in the bento!

On the right I have some mushroom flavored udon noodles I made. They came in a package similar to ramen. I added some miso paste and sesame seeds into it to add some extra flavor. I haven’t eaten the bento yet, but I tasted the noodles and they are yummy. Adding miso to asian style noodles is a new way of flavoring noodles that I came up with a few weeks back. It is an easy way to change up the flavor.


Bento #5

Yesterday it was one of my friends birthdays. She had to work today, so for a special after birthday treat I’d make her a nice bento for her lunch at work. I’ve been wanting to make some of my udon noodles for a bento so I used those and some other fruits and veggies I had around the house.

First here’s hers

On the right you can see the mushroom flavor udon noodles, pan fried tofu, and grilled yellow bell pepper and onion. On the left there’s strawberries, blackberries, grapes, raspberries, pretzels, a fortune cookie, and a mint.

And here’s mine

Mine is basically the same, but I have blanched asparagus and no fortune cookie and mint.

I stopped off at her work and we had lunch together. She enjoyed her meal and it was nice to make her something yummy since she has been eying mine!