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Mock Fish Sushi Rolls and more!

A few days ago I went to a huge asian grocery store and found a large area of frozen veggie meats, including fish! I have always enjoyed fish, but after becoming vegan it’s been hard finding substitutes. I got some tuna and ribbon fish there and it’s pretty good.
I’ve been in the hankering for sushi so I thought it’d be neat to try to make more “realistic” sushi by cooking the mock fish, then cooling it and adding it to sushi. Overall I think it turned out great!

There’s the mock tuna roll, ribbon fish (I rolled it inside out) roll, carrot sweet potato and ribbon fish roll, and carrot and sweet potato roll. They all turned out great and I think I finally mastered making sushi rice! We also had some seaweed salad that I got premade at the asian market. I love seaweed salad! I could eat it everyday.