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Quorn Turk’y Salad

This is such a yummy and filling salad! Romaine lettuce, carrot, celery, a Quorn Turk’y patty cooked and cut into cubes, and Annie’s Buttermilk Dressing.





Simple and Filling Salad

This has been my favorite salad to make lately. Romaine lettuce, carrot, celery, a Quorn chicken cutlet cooked and cut into cubes and Annie’s Buttermilk dressing. I usually eat a bowl this size and have extra cutlet left so then I add more salad and eat the rest. It’s super filling and yummy!

I’ve also been in love with romaine lettuce lately. I used to go for green leaf, but now that I’ve been having romaine it’s all I really want. The “heart” is the best part, I love the crunchiness!