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Bento #3

I made this little snacking bento for work today. My Mom made lunch for everyone so I didn’t need a lunch, but wanted some little snacks for later on when we aren’t busy. I only used one layer this time, because I also brought down all the rest of the leftover sushi.


It has some nori maki, soy crisps, pretzels, a fortune cookie, and a couple jasmine tea bags.


Bento #2

I made this bento last night with some of the sushi leftovers from dinner. I had work today so I had to make one, since I actually needed it this time!
I just got finished eating everything and it was yummy. It was a nice little meal that turned out to be pretty filling. It’s amazing how little the bento boxes are, but how much food you can fit into them.


Left: veggie sushi, wasabi (in the little container), nori maki, and soy crisps.
Right: baby carrots and mango, a soy sauce packet, and a fortune cookie (it’s kind of hidden).