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Bento #7

I’ve been really busy the last few days and my lunch has been provided, hence me slacking with the bentos. But I’m back at it today! I made this bento this morning and it only took about 10 minutes total putting it together. I used a piece of cloth that I hand dyed for my psychology of clothing class last semester.  It’s a cool technique where you rubber band marbles in the cloth and dye it. I put it in blue then red dye to make it that color. I still need to finish the edges, but I thought it would work well for today. Now onto the bento!

bento 7

On the left there’s some cut up celery, baby carrots, cherries, a fortune cookie and a few peaches from our tree. For some reason the peaches were really small this year, but they fit perfectly in the bento!

On the right I have some mushroom flavored udon noodles I made. They came in a package similar to ramen. I added some miso paste and sesame seeds into it to add some extra flavor. I haven’t eaten the bento yet, but I tasted the noodles and they are yummy. Adding miso to asian style noodles is a new way of flavoring noodles that I came up with a few weeks back. It is an easy way to change up the flavor.