Homemade Mozzarella

My husband and I brew our own beer and recently while at the local homebrew store we saw that they also had cheese kits so we got a mozzarella kit to try out because it seemed like a good “starter” cheese.

A couple months ago I got a job at Natural Grocers so I looked at the different whole milks there and found one that seemed especially good for making mozzarella. The brand is “Way Back When” and not only is is produced in Texas but it is pasteurized with low heat which is why it’s good for cheese making.

Now onto the cheese!

Here it is just made and warm.

fresh mozzarella

It turned out to be pretty simple to make and it is so good it’s crazy. It actually kind of ruined me on store bought mozzarella because it seems like it has no flavor compared to the homemade kind. I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself!


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