Puffy Tacos

I’ve always been a fan of puffy tacos. Of course they do have their downsides – they always break in half! Well even though they’re super hard to eat I had to try making them on my own. I just don’t get out to enough Mexican food places to fulfill my craving!

I used Gimme Lean mock sausage cooked up with some onion, poblano pepper, jalapeno, and habanero peppers and spices as the main filling. Yes it was very spicy! I topped that with lettuce, tomoato, and fresh onion.

But the main part of the recipe was making the taco puffy. I got some masa mix and added water until it was a good consistency. After many failed attempts at rolling it out I figured out what worked. Spraying 2 pieces of wax paper with cooking spray then rolling it out between that and peeling it off. After that I just dropped it (carefully!) into the fryer. This recipe worked out pretty well, but they still weren’t as puffy as at restaurants. I’ll have to keep making it until I perfect the recipe but dinner was still really good!


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