Back to School Lunches

As the new school year is about to start, many parents  are wondering, “What will my child be eating?”. There has been a lot of controversy lately over school lunches and their nutritional content. When I was in school, lunches weren’t so great – french fries, dehydrated mashed potatoes, and cold vegetables with no flavor were the norm.

But if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you and your kids can make healthy and delicious meals at home. Bento boxes, much like American style lunch boxes, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and have many different cool characters on them.  Some even have smaller containers that fit inside for different types of foods.  Once your child has selected their favorite bento box, it’s time to go to town!

I recommend checking out some bento blogs online (like this one) to get an some ideas on how to arrange bentos and what foods stay fresh throughout the day. Kids have the disadvantage that they normally don’t have refrigerators or microwaves to keep and prepare their food, but there are alternatives. Using ice packs or thermos’ are a good option.

You and your child can make it an evening routine to make their bento for the next day. This is a great way to teach kids about different foods and they’ll be excited about showing off to their friends. So help your kids ditch bland, unhealthy school food and embrace the art of bento boxes!

Below are some links to my favorite sites that have bento boxes and meals.

bento boxes and accessories:

JBox (warning some areas of the site are NSFW)
Laptop Lunches
Or search ebay

You can also find bentos at your local Japanese or Asian Markets.

bento blogs:

Lunch in a Box
Vegan Lunch Box
Just Bento


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  1. also sells them, and they are a great responsible company to boot!


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