Bento 34 – Bird’s Nest Bento

Last night I was inspired by birds when I was making this bento. Birds are really cool, so I thought it would be nice to make a little nest of my own. I had some alfalfa sprouts that need to be finished off, so I used them to make the nest and then cut some baby carrots in half to make the “eggs”. I think it turned out cute. I put some vegan ranch dressing in a little piggy sauce container to eat with the veggie nest.
Then I found some kiwi and bananas in the fridge and had to put them in the bento because they’re some of my favorite fruits. Kiwi and banana is a good combo too. For the main dish, I decided I would have some kimchi potstickers, but as I was making my bento I forgot and got out a bunch of food for tortilla wraps. Then I remembered about the potstickers, so I made a little of both.
I’m really happy with how the wraps came out and will definitely make them again. I got a tortilla and put a layer of plain soy yogurt on it. Then I sliced up some avocado and cherry tomatoes and lined them up in there. Then I added some of the vegan ranch and some tobasco sauce… delish!


This bento was entered into a competition on Not Exactly Bento


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