Bento 27

I made this bento a couple days ago, but I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t gotten a chance to post it yet. I had some vegan mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and greenbeans leftover from dinner, so this bento was a breeze to put together. I had some edamame in pods that I didn’t eat from the bento the day before too and didn’t want to trow them away, so I popped the beans out out the shell on top of my mac and cheese. Then I cup the corn off the cob and added that along with the green beans to my bento. All I had to do after that was cut up some strawberries and I was done.

Although this bento was ludicrously easy to make, it was also ludicrously yummy!


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  1. I know it is not cheap to make so much food at home, thus why I end up starving, so how do you manage to afford to eat so healthy?


  2. It’s not really expensive to make food at home, especially compared to restaurants. Things like noodles, rice, and beans go a long way and aren’t expensive.
    Plus a little food goes a long way. The strawberries for example, I bought a pint for $2.99 and only used 3 for this bento. The main thing is to eat the produce before it goes bad and look for deals when you are shopping. I normally buy the store brand and look for the best deals.


  3. Where do you shop at?


  4. Posted by krisaki on July 25, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    I try to shop at places like Big Lots to get noodles, canned foods, etc.
    For produce, local grocery chains are usually cheaper. We have a place called Handy Andy that has very cheap produce compared to HEB (Texas’ grocery chain).
    When I’m at the grocery store I always look that the “per unit” price. On the price tag it’ll say $.10 per oz. or whatever the price/unit size is. That way I can easily tell what brand/size is the cheapest.


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