Break the Habit of Wasting Food

I just finished reading an article that shows 20 things you can do to help cut down on the amount of food that you throw away. I am always trying to think ahead when I shop and try to find things that I’ll be able to use before they get bad.  And because my local store is within walking distance, I buy the perishable foods I need daily, which are a couple of the tips outlined.

Another tip that I thought was especially useful are to buy nonperishables in bulk. My Mom does this and puts them in large pickle jars. This way they are sealed and it’s very easy to see what you have.

I’m going to focus on two tips right now and see how that goes. One is to buy frozen food items. I buy some frozen foods, but I normally buy canned foods which can be more expensive at times.  The other tip is to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Right now I’m in between two houses, but once I get back to my apartment full time I’m going to get some basil and cherry tomato plants for my place.

Click here to go to the full article.


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