Bento Swap

I was recently involved in a bento swap on one of my favorite sites, Craftster. The idea is you get paired with someone and you each make each other some items and buy each other some items then send it out. I just received my package from my swap partner and am very pleased with it. It was my first swap, and I had a lot of fun. I’ll probably do another one (with a different theme) when I’m not so busy.
Here’s what she sent me (first the crafted items)
a cloth napkin decorated with flowers and a little bag to hold chopsticks
a lunch bag with pockets to hold the napkin
as you can see it fits my Lock & Lock perfectly (I don’t normally leave the top off but I wanted to show off today’s bento)
and the store bought items – a snack sized box, cute cupcake cups, some small chopsticks, 6 triangle shaped silicone cups, and some awesome cutters for fruits/veggies, cookies or whatever!

And here’s what I sent her
(starting from the top and going clockwise)
a lunch bag with pockets for a napkin and chopsticks, a cloth napkin, some metal chopsticks decorated with flowers, a little container decorated with flowers, a onigiri mold, a sashimi mold, fruit/veggie cutters, 6 clear silicone cups and 6 red heart shaped silicone cups.

I think we were great partners because we both had a good time with it and ended up getting some nice things. I think it’s funny/cute that so many of our items turned out to be similar. We both even wrote each other little notes to go with the package.

Thanks anastrophe!


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