Bento #18

Yesterday Jason and I went to an oriental market that we had never been to before. It was large and I found lots of interesting things there and even got a few! I got some loose jasmine tea (my favorite), kimchi pot stickers, all sorts of canned mock meats (I thought they’d be interesting to try), and a Lock & Lock bento box. I even talked my boyfriend into getting one so I could make bentos for him and he wouldn’t have to worry about using one of my cutesy ones. So of course I had to them to make us bentos for lunch today.
So here they are! Jason found a ginger drink he wanted to try so I added that to the picture. Sadly is has honey so it’s not vegan, but it looks cool anyways.

I made matching bentos for us, they both had brown rice with furikake, kimchi potstickers, black beans, and avocado. I just got finished with mine and it was very good. The Lock & Lock boxes are much larger than I’m used to though, so I couldn’t finish everything like usual. It was nice being able to heat my food in the microwave though, my other two boxes aren’t microwave safe.

And here’s a closeup of the ginger inside the bottle.
ginger drink


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  1. That ginger in the bottle is trippy. Looks like a little alien or something.


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