Bento #1

Yesterday I bought another bento box. I went to the local Japanese market to get bento accessories and found some snacks. When I was checking out I saw a cute bento box and decided to get it. My other one that I ordered is still en route so I needed something to tie me over…
I decided to make a snack bento so Jason and I would have it after we started drinking last night. It’s not that fancy, but it did the trick!


In the bottom layer is has brown rice, kimchi, and spicy sprouts. The other layer has nori maki, rice crisps, and a little fruit bar.

I am excited about making bento for my lunches at work. I get pretty bored sometimes, so a cute lunch might be the pick me up I’ve always needed! I’m going to work on the presentation some more, but I think this bento isn’t too bad looking. I’m also still looking for bento accessories (soy sauce containers, rice molds, separators, etc.) but I’ve started saving little items that would go great in a bento, so stay tuned to check it out.


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